It's not about the hype.

It’s about a currency that unite us!

The Future is bright

Creating a digital currency is not easy.

It has to be secure, have a stable price and be exchangeable at all times.

Why a fiat currency?


We use the Swiss Franc for ensuring value to the coin. Switzerland and Liechtenstein have one of the strogest economies in the world and they make sure the swiss franc stays stable. We make sure for a innovativ digital coin.

Say goodbye to greedy banks, support local businesses!

With ifrancs is not only possible to buy products of local businesses but also to make currency exchange and support them. You want to buy ifrancs with cash? Just go to one of our partners and make the exchange. Are you travelling and don’t want to take credit cards and cash with you? Exchange your ifrancs into the local currency seamless as it sounds.

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